The public, the mainstream media, and key figures have called the events of January 6th, 2021 as a day that will not be forgotten, as a day that threatened our democracy, and as a day that was both surprising and shocking. But, this has been happening for the last four years at a minimum- let’s discuss how this surge of public concern is a clear indication that Black and BIPOC communities are viewed as second-class citizens.

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Insurgency groups have consistently threatened nonviolent BLM protests with what they call “counter-protests,” where they blend in perfectly with the police force with their…

President-Elect Joe Biden has appointed Neera Tanden to serve as the Director of the Office of Management and Budget. While she would be the first woman of color and South Asian to fill the position, there are bipartisan concerns about the legitimacy of her appointment. Her likelihood of getting confirmed continues to decrease by the day- let’s break down why that is.

Image Source: Biden-Harris Transition Website

President-elect Joe Biden has raved about the mind of Neera Tanden and is confident in her ability to empathize with American struggles given her personal experiences of relying on food stamps and Section 8 Housing as a child…

With the Governor’s yearly budget scheduled to be released on January 10th, 2021, this article intends to briefly analyze the previous year’s budget and assess its validity. First up: prisons.

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Governor Newsom’s 2020–2021 Budget Act allocated $13,352,940 to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), whose mission is to “facilitate the successful reintegration of the individuals…by providing education, treatment, rehabilitative, and restorative justice programs, all in a safe and humane environment”. With the Governor’s 2021–2022 budget being released on January 10th, 2021, this article intends to backtrack and determine if the budgets provided for various sectors were legitimate. …

On December 10th, 2020, at 9:27 PM, the American government willingly engaged in the unjustified murder and execution of Brandon Bernard. This article highlights concerning trends about the death penalty before diving into the lack of legality, ethicality, and feasibility which exists when considering the practice of the death penalty.

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*trigger warnings: discussions of violence and death/dying are prevalent in this text. please read with caution*

Though establishment Democrats and Republicans often position themselves as hosting starkly different opinions from their opposition on a variety of issues, the death penalty does not appear to be one of those issues. Though…

President Trump has officially lost the 2020 Presidential Election- but that doesn’t mean he won’t try again. The work is not done, and our fight against apathy, privilege, inequity, and inequality must continue. Let’s break it down.

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Going into this election, I had little to no faith that President-Elect Biden was going to be victorious. For one, President Trump had the powerful incumbency advantage, which has allowed American presidents to keep their victory two-thirds of the time. Even more concerning was the rampant voter suppression in key states like Georgia, Biden’s reliance on white suburban female voters, the traditionally low

In January 2021, Governor Newsom has the grueling decision of selecting the replacement for Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’s former position as a US Senator for California. Here, I break down his short-list and offer my take on who I believe Governor Newsom should select.

Image Credit: Adam Schultz

A dreaded decision that Governor Newsom claimed he would not wish for his worst enemies- that is how he has described this selection process to fill VP-elect Harris’s Senate seat. Many have asked that the seat be filled by a woman, and more specifically, a Black woman. As currently the only Black woman in Senate, Newsom…

In the November 2020 Elections, California voters had the opportunity to vote on 10 propositions. While many ballots were considered controversial and garnered mass media attention, there was little partisan friction over Proposition 18, which would have expanded voting rights to 17-year olds in primary and special elections. The result of this proposition reveals harsh truths about the conditions of California ballot language and Californian civic engagement. Let’s dive in.

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Simple- one of the best words to describe Proposition 18. I was very shocked to see it fail on Election Night, which transitioned to frustration as I realized the implications…

There are many undue burdens being placed on women that are impacting their levels of elected representation. This blog offers a preview to my working paper, which analyzes and critiques existent literature, identifies some of the barriers that women currently experience, and makes a call to action to have certain solutions implemented that will promote a more equitable experience.

Map showing red states and blue states for the electoral college in the 2020 elections
Map showing red states and blue states for the electoral college in the 2020 elections
With the conclusion of the 2020 elections, political candidacies continue to be at the forefront of our minds.

With the impending conclusion of the 2020 elections, two topics that have returned to the forefront of news cycles are political candidacies and American civic engagement. In my working paper, “An Undue Burden: Assessing the Impacts of Gender, Public Opinion, and…

One year ago, Governor Newsom vetoed SB-212, which would have granted more cities, counties, and school districts with the CHOICE to implement ranked-choice voting. Here’s why his staunch opposition of ranked-choice voting is misguided, and here’s what it can ACTUALLY do for our cities, counties, and school districts in the state of California.

Governor Newsom is signing a bill
Governor Newsom is signing a bill
Image Taken From the Office of Governor Gavin Newsom

Since his time on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Governor Newsom has been a strong opponent of ranked-choice voting. He was one of the members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors who opposed the content of Proposition A in 2001, which ultimately still passed with…

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